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Since 1973, Balers Inc. has been servicing recycling equipment, whether we sold it or not. Is your current service company not living up to your expectations? Contact us. Our master-certified technicians, with superior troubleshooting skills and trucks stocked with parts, are available 24/7, 365 days a year with an average response time of four hours. We repair all types of recycling balers (vertical & horizontal balers), compactors, shredders, conveyors, densifiers…just to name a few.

Do you need recycling equipment moved? Big or small, we can assist you. Dock level or ground…we've got it. Contact us.

When is the last time your machine’s oil was changed? Most manufacturers suggest doing so yearly. While this may not be totally necessary, hydraulic oil to a baler is like blood to a human. Healthy blood, healthy body. The difference with hydraulic fluid is, it is thicker than blood and can “carry” contaminants coming from your machine’s internal and external environments. These contaminants can affect pumps, valves, and both cylinder rods and seals…expensive components, all. Let us quote an oil change or service maintenance program for your commercial recycling equipment. Contact us.

BALERS INC. is authorized and certified as a Qualified Contractor through Avetta, CorrigoPro, & ISN

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Balers Inc. Service, Chicago
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  • Preventative Maintenance Programs – Annually, bi-annually, or quarterly. Your choice.

  • Safety Inspections – Don’t let a nickel-and-dime part cost you thousands…or more…in a workman’s comp claim when someone gets hurt. Safety first!

  • Cylinder Repair – Every recycling baler has at least one cylinder. If it is leaking, your baler is not working as well as it could be…and it’s costing you money!

  • Repairing Damaged Chutes/Enclosures on your Compactor – This steel takes a beating and we can help.

  • Nationwide Network of Installers and Techs – Not in the Chicago area? We can still help you!

Other service companies simply try to swap parts or use band aids for temporary fixes. At Balers Inc., we are dedicated to finding the root cause of your issue and then solving it. In our 44 years, we have consistently reduced customers’ owning and operating costs!

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