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conveyors, dust, styrofoam

Conveyors can increase the efficiency of your baling or shredding operation. We offer various widths and lengths as well as rubber/PVC and steel belts to meet your needs. If you have a distribution center or are a recycler, we have a conveyor for you.

We also offer centralized trash conveyors bringing scrap from pick lines all over your building to a horizontal baler.

Ambient dust has come under tremendous scrutiny by OSHA and NFPA in recent years and there are now more “DON’Ts” than “DOs.” We can help you with this as we offer a wide range of dust filters from manual to automatic shakers to pulse jet; we will guide you through the current guidelines to help keep your company in compliance.”

Styrofoam waste is a big problem. It is too light to ship loose. A compactor won’t make a dent in it, so you end up paying a bunch of money for throwing away air. Vertical balers also cannot reduce the volume needed to get any weight.

Not all styrofoam is the same and, for that reason, we offer both cold and hot melt systems and, based on your volume needs, we have small, manual feed units all the way to large, air-feed systems. Regardless of the styrofoam you have, the only way to make any money off of the scrap is to maximize density. We have a system for you!

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