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Welcome to Balers Inc. located in Downers Grove, Illinois. Since 1919, our family has been involved in the baler business. Simply put, we help companies meet all their recycling needs.

This branch of the Fogelsong family tree has been selling or making balers for nearly 100 years! Starting in 1919, Wilfred Fogelsong worked for Economy Baler in Detroit and later in New York City. His eldest son was killed in WWII, but his other two sons would follow in his baler-selling footprints. Bob Fogelsong started his own manufacturing business, Ann Arbor (MI) Baler Company, in the 1970s and Tom came to Chicago to rep for Economy Baler in 1959

Once Economy Baler was bought out in 1973, the new company decided to make a change in their mode of distribution and require reps to become dealers. So in October of 1973, ENQUIP, INC. was born in Downers Grove, IL. Tom’s first big customer was a prominent Chicago area grocery store chain. After he sold balers to them, the stores told him they wanted him to provide baling wire as well. Never needing to supply this in the past, Tom found a source and started selling wire. Next, the store said the balers needed servicing and they did not want to have a separate vendor for it. Responding to the customer’s request, and ever the entrepreneur, Tom found and hired a service man and then added an installer to the company.

ENQUIP stood for “Environmental Equipment,” but no one knew it, so a name change making what we do more obvious was in order. In 1979, BALERS INC., a name few can confuse, launched.

Tom and Mary Fogelsong had three girls and two boys. Tom, the older son, is President of the company and runs the day-to-day activities. Matt is VP-Sales and handles accounts from coast to coast. God has been faithful and has blessed our company in more ways than we can count!

Over the last 40+ years, we have had different locations in Downers Grove, Lombard, and Naperville. The goal has always been the same: sell and service quality recycling equipment & systems and do so with integrity. We are honored to partner with big, little, national, and local companies to meet their recycling needs!

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Balers Inn, Downers Grove, IL
Fogelsong Family, Balers Inc.

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Maren 72" Pinch Conveyor Shredder Piggy-Back

Maren 72" Pinch Conveyor Shredder Piggy-Back

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Weima WLK13 for Tissue

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